My cat doesn t like my new kitten

Wed Aug 31, 6: My biggest problem is, I live in a house that's more vertical than horizontal. Storm seems very interested to meet Floyd, but Floyd is constantly hissing and batting at him. Jul 6, 3. Both cats will require your love and attention. She's pretty calico, nice counterweight to my smoky black and I've heard that she's friendly. Maternal aggression is the queen cat's instinctual protective response.
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A stiff, straight-legged upright stance Stiffened rear legs, with the rear end raised and the back sloped downward toward the head Tail is held straight and stiff, like a classic Halloween cat's posture Direct stare Upright ears, with the backs rotated slightly forward Piloerection hackles up , including fur on the tail Constricted pupils Directly facing opponent, possibly moving toward him Might be growling, howling or yowling. Cat's Breath Is Heavy? For the most part, we've always had 3 cats, and I decided I wanted to add to the family.

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Introducing a New Cat to an Old Cat | Animal Planet

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After year there were 0 cats in the neighborhood. But in the end you might get something like this: Let your old cat discover the new cat in the room on its own.

My older cat doesn't like my new!

I've had my cat, Floyd, for about 5 years now and he has always been a very loving cat. He even got along with a 15 year old cat that I had that. maybe they didnt get introduced correctly and your old kitty might see him as a new threat or your new favorite and not like that i hope this article helps very cat . Want to know how to introduce a new cat to an old cat? more slowly to another cat's presence, and may especially resent a bouncy kitten.
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Examples for humans, if the cat sees its self as the leader of the whole household, with multiple instances being prominent and the norm: It helps if both of them are kittens, or if the new cat is a kitten. I have 'worked' with many types of animals in my life time.

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How long will it take for old cat to accept new cat? You can help the cats feel less territorial by giving each cat their own resources, so there's less competition and they can afford to chill a little. It helps if both of them are kittens, or if the new cat is a kitten. Watery Eyes On My Kitten? So I gave it more time But, be sure the 'established' cat knows where she is at. Or if you have a pet carrier, put one inside and let the other one safely sniff and walk around, then switch them to give the other cat a chance to do the same.
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Cats are naturally territorial. After year there were 0 cats in the neighborhood. Thu Sep 01,
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Want to know how to introduce a new cat to an old cat? more slowly to another cat's presence, and may especially resent a bouncy kitten. My cat won't accept a new kitten -is your cat showing aggression towards your new kitten? Read on to see how you can help your cat accept a new kitten. If you are introducing a kitten to an older cat, be sure to take proper steps stop eating if they aren't adjusting well to the new member of the family. These behaviors are because cats do not like change, especially when it involves their established territory. . When Should I Take My New Kitten to the Vet?.
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