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Kitten foster periods may typically range from one to eight weeks. Whether you plan to foster cats or dogs, you'll need to take our Foster Program Orientation. You need only provide your home, attention and foster cats nyc for your foster cats nyc animals! Sullivan gets along with calm cats and likes to rub her nose and head on her favorite people. I have veterinary experience. For some people, letting go of a foster dog or cat at the end of the foster term is difficult. Nora Wood Adoption Events info anjelliclecats.
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What About Food and Medical Care? We welcome individuals with professional veterinary experience who can provide foster care to our animals, especially those who require special medical attention such as medicated baths, physical therapy, daily medication or other medical care , or may need support in a home environment to adjust to becoming a lifelong family companion.

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Simply click on the date for one upcoming orientation and fill out the questionnaire.

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Foster an Animal. Foster volunteers provide temporary care for dogs, cats, or rabbits in their homes, offering these pets much-appreciated time in a real home . NYC's only non-profit cat cafe. Becoming a foster allows you to enjoy having a cat in your home temporarily, while making an important contribution to the. Foster Overview. The KittyKind Foster Program is an integral part of our lifesaving work. It also provides wonderful opportunities for New York cat lovers to enjoy.
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Lacey - Age: 25
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This is especially helpful for cats that have lived outdoors for most of their lives.

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This is a great opportunity for veterinarians, and other veterinary medical professionals to assist in providing care for our most needy animals as they are readied for adoption. Generally, the shelter or rescue group for which you are fostering will seek a permanent home for your foster pet. For most people who foster, any sadness they experience in saying goodbye to their foster pet is decidedly outweighed by the reward of knowing they played a critical role in the life of a dog or cat whose future is far better as a result of the love they gave and the help they offered at their moment of greatest need. During this time commitment you are asked to provide a safe, loving environment for the cats. Click here to watch the video Smart and animated, Lindo will give you lots of loving! Why should I foster? Fostering kittens helps them develop and thrive in a home environment as they mature, and eventually prepare for adoption.
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Jackson - Age: 19
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Kathryn Willis Director kathryn anjelliclecats.
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There is a tremendous need for cat foster homes in the NYC area. Consider opening your home to an adorable cat. So stop fawning over bodega cats you can't take home with you and get to one of NYC's best pet adoption and foster centers to rescue your. Anjellicle Cats Rescue is a no-kill, all-volunteer, not-for-profit (c)(3) organization. We are a member of the Mayor's Alliance and a New Hope Partner.
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