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This documentary film what is cat stevens real name rare audio and video clips from the late s and s, as well as an extensive interview with Islam, his brother David Gordon, several record executives, Bob GeldofDolly Partonand others outlining his career as Cat Stevens, his conversion and emergence as Yusuf Islam, and his return to music in Peel, Pepper and the final hour". He then amazed the world by walking away from fame and his career as a music star, to start a family and dedicate himself to charitable work. Immediately following the September 11 attacks on the United States, he said:. Brian Epstein Andrew Loog Oldham.
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He took up meditation , yoga , and metaphysics ; [42] read about other religions ; and became a vegetarian.

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Biography | Cat Stevens

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Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens was born on July 21, in London, England as Stephen Demetre Georgiou. He has been married to Fawzia Ali since. Cat Stevens was always only his stage name and not his actual name much as Richard Starkey went by the name Ringo Starr. Folk singer, songwriter. Born. Howard Fishman on attending a Cat Stevens comeback concert and how the For a long time, the man who'd changed his name to Yusuf Islam had of a section of his “Foreigner Suite” (“Heaven/Where True Love Goes”).
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Retrieved 13 March Yusuf is the Arabic rendition of the name Joseph; he stated that he "always loved the name Joseph" and was particularly drawn to the story of Joseph in the Qur'an. Davies was also thought a perfect fit with Stevens in particular for his "fingerwork" on the guitar, harmonising and his backing vocals.

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In the heavy work load of touring, media commitments, and the perks of a pop-star lifestyle took its toll and Cat contracted a potentially fatal bout of tuberculosis which hospitalised him for several months. After getting married and having children, Yusuf became heavily involved with education and humanitarian relief. The New Zealand Herald. Forty years after he recorded the first demo of the song, it earned him two back-to-back ASCAP "Songwriter of the Year" awards, in and He wrote some 40 songs and made fundamental changes to his lifestyle. Proceeds of the single went to help orphans in Banda Aceh , one of the areas worst affected by the tsunami , through Islam's Small Kindness charity. The proceeds of "Father and Son" were donated to the Band Aid charity.
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Australian Chart Book — Barrie and Jenkins Ltd.
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Cat Stevens was born Steven Demetre Georgiou; since he has been known as Yusuf Islam, He was born in London in July Yusuf Islam commonly known by his stage name Cat Stevens, is a British singer- songwriter and Birth name, Steven Demetre Georgiou .. His final original album under the name Cat Stevens was Back to Earth, released in late , which. Cat Stevens was born on July 21, in London, England as Stephen Demetre Georgiou. He has been married to Fawzia Ali since.
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