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Omen of the Stars 1: If you name a cat something mythical, and you think it sounds right, then you can keep the name. The warrior cat kits has also earned praise: A reviewer for AudioFile wrote: Archived from the original on 8 July
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Retrieved 17 March A black cat has pale green eyes. The Prophecies Begin — Warriors:

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Don't copy the books! Which BDB male should be your hellren?

What's Your Warrior Cats Name,kit, Mate, Clan, Position And Your Apprentice?

The sweetest Warriors kits ever! Please vote to show me what you think! Add any other nominations, too. Oh, and number one must be like, OH MY STARCLAN. This ULTIMATE quiz will test your limits on your warrior cat name, clan, mate and kit(s)!. Read Kit Names from the story Warrior Cats UNIQUE* Names by ChicketyGrace (Charity) with reads. explainationofthebooksandrolesofthecats, cats.
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If a queen loses her kits before she queens or shortly after queening, she can expect kits as soon as 1 moon later.

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I feel sick so I can't type too much. Retrieved 12 August Housecats , known as 'kittypets', are often sneered at by the Clan cats for their cozy and lazy life. Mystic Messenger Ruined Me. Retrieved 5 December The Ultimate Guide While taking shelter with Gray Wing, Clear Sky realizes that he was wrong about Thunder and invites him to join his group.
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Erin Hunter has stated on the official Warriors website that there is still no plan for an official video game, but if there was, it would probably be based on a movie version of the Warriors series, which was at the time not under consideration. Gray Wing tries to make peace, but Clear Sky is ambitious and wants more territory.
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We were so dedicated to Fireheart and his warrior cats, that our the lineage of various kits, and the contested territory of Sunning Rocks. A kit is a cat under the age of six moons who is still living in the nursery with their mother and littermates. Kits are usually very mischievous and energetic, and. Ambertail. She-cat. Warrior. ThunderClan. Dappled tortie with white paws and dark amber eyes. Bright and sweet, a good hunter and kind. Wants kits of her own.
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