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Kittens available most times of the year. Top quality young adults and retired adults also savannah cats for sale in pa available. F1 and F2 generations are generally larger because they are closest to the serval. F3 and F4 Males can range from lbs. August Forty Fort, Pennsylvania Tel: All transactions between Breeders and Visitors to this and other Exotic Cat Network sites are the responsibility and at the risk of all concerned parties. Loving raising Savannah cats in our home.
Lucy - Age: 33
Price - 91$

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Alottaspotz - Savannah Kittens for sale in MD

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Every kitten has received at least one vet check and first shots before going to its new home. Do you breed Savannahs?

Our Breeding Program

Trying to buy a Savannah kitten or cat in Pennsylvania? Click here to see our listings of every Savannah cat breeder near you. While known for their high intelligence, beauty, sleekness of body, and extraordinary size; Savannah Cats, majestic in their appearance, also have intoxicatingly. Sweetspots Savannahs. We breed F2 and F3 savannah kittens. Located in Northern Virginia, we are within reasonable driving distance from WV, PA, NJ, MD or.
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Smokey - Age: 19
Price - 143$

Our cats and kittens are TICA registered. September Morrisville, Pennsylvania Tel:

What is a Savannah cat?

F3 and F4 Males can range from lbs. I will not sell to you, if you reside in a state where they are not allowed. May Lancaster, Pa Tel: April Pennsylvania Tel: Later generations beyond F5 tend to vary from lbs depending on sex and percentage of serval traits. Some states ban all generations and some states allow any generation. Welcome to Kitty Cat Savannahs!
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Lily - Age: 33
Price - 126$

Pet prices for F4 SBT will be typically
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Sweetspots Savannahs. We breed F2 and F3 savannah kittens. Located in Northern Virginia, we are within reasonable driving distance from WV, PA, NJ, MD or. Cutting Edge Cats. Raising Bengal Cats, Savannah Cats and Legend Leopards. Three Rivers Ragdolls - Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Ragdoll Kittens. At Exotic Treasures savannah cats for sale, we offer savannah kittens for sale pa, and are happy to sell our savannah kittens to pennsylvania and are also.
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