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Grandmaster Feline Geara side quest in The Witcher 3: Was this guide helpful? You can find the leader grandmaster cat armor the upper level which grandmaster cat armor can reach via a ladder. If you haven't been here before, there will be lots of bandits, and you can clear the base by killing the Hanse leader at this location. Once inside the laboratory, you'll find the now-crazed former Witcher known as Mad Kiyan. About The Guide How and when to begin the expansion?
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Grandmaster Feline armor and Letter to Bartolome de Launay was hidden there. You can learn about this quest by encountering grandmaster Zdravko in Beauclair during the Master Master Master Master! This set is suited for players level 25 weapons and 26 armor set.

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How to get Grandmaster Cat (Feline) Gear | Witcher Hour

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Check one of the paintings. Important information about endings Available endings. Read the notes in order to learn where to search for next diagrams.

Grandmaster Feline Cat Gear | Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

Head into the small red house on the north side of the courtyard and interact with the nearby painting to find the grandmaster feline armor diagram and a Letter. The Cat school light armor set is ideal for an agile, fast attack playstyle. To upgrade the set to Grandmaster in Blood & Wine, travel to. On this page you will find descriptions of all six Grandmaster Feline Gear diagrams - two swords, armor, boots, trousers and gauntlets. You will also find here.
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Swim inside and take care of the level 19 Golem.

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You'll come across an Illusion, which you'll need Keira Metz's amulet acquired during the main quest Wandering in the Dark to pass. Grandmaster Feline steel sword , Diagram: This holds the Enhanced Feline Armor diagram. June 2, at 1: Main quests Side quests and Witcher contracts. January 17, at
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Continue down the stairs to find two chests, the one on the right contains the diagram for the Mastercrafted Silver Sword. Depending on whether or not you've been to Codger's Quarry before you may have to go through a few cutscenes with local miners and face some enemies before you can start looking for the diagram.
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On this page you will find descriptions of all six Grandmaster Feline Gear diagrams - two swords, armor, boots, trousers and gauntlets. You will also find here. As you enter the second room there's a portrait on the wall which holds a letter and the diagram for the Feline Armor. Witcher 3 Grandmaster Feline Armor location guide for Blood and Wine helps you find diagrams to craft the final upgrade for Cat School Gear.
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