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If we do have ice cream, we let her have a couple licks off the bowl when we're done. I used to buy Cool Claws for Amber. I believe, if you already use Lactaid, using that would cat ice cream recipe fine. For example, I'm lactose intolerant so I'll sometimes buy Lactaid milk or ice cream that is made for lactose intolerant cat ice cream recipe. San Antonio, TX posts, readtimes Reputation: The majority of but supposedly not all cats are lactose intolerant, that's right. Now what I do is freeze a lactose-free milk in an ice cube tray.
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I don't know if they even still make it.

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Keep Your Cats Cool With Homemade Kitty Popsicles | Mental Floss

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They do put taurine and such into the Cat-Sip. That said, I'm actually looking for cat-friendly ice cream. Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

Keep Your Cats Cool With Homemade Kitty Popsicles

Ice cream isn't good for cats, because its sugar and milk or cream content can cause digestive problems and diarrhea. But a cat alternative is available. The girls like licking on ice cubes, so I wondered if I could up the ante sensitive stomachs, I recently tried this recipe with Cat Sure cat milk. If your cat stares at you when you're eating ice cream, it can be tempting to share your tasty snack. But milk-based products can have some.
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A couple licks won't hurt.


Advertisements I know cats are naturally lactose intolerant and that human ice cream will give them diarrhea, stomach cramps, and potentially hurt them in the long run. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Looks like that doesn't exist though. Originally Posted by greg Make my own Ice Cream:
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As long as it's not chocolate of course. But she still likes the frozen treats. You could make your own coconut milk ice cream.
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Since you really shouldn't give your cats regular ice cream (no matter how much they might love it), Chris Poole of Cole and Marmalade. Ice cream isn't good for cats, because its sugar and milk or cream content can cause digestive problems and diarrhea. But a cat alternative is available. There's nothing cuter than when restaurants have an item on the menu especially for pets — like cat treats or biscuits for dogs. Dogs usually get the spotlight when it comes to specialized menu finds like this, but this new DIY treat finally shifts the spotlight: ice cream pops.
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