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In terms of the ghosts, most of them excluding Life 6, who was pretty much a pompous jerkweed were pretty much the same buffoons; the only difference being era and number. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Are we going to fraidy cat cartoon Chuck Jones' cartoons? With the effort that was put into other cartoons of the same decade, I was actually disappointed with how this turned out. The concept, again, wasn't bad; fraidy cat cartoon execution, though, is bottom of the barrel. I can only imagine:
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Fraidy runs for most of the episode and at one point he says "four" when he's stuck in a tree. A mortician obsessed with Fraidy getting killed. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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It's DLAbaoaqu: CARTOON REVIEW: Fraidy Cat ()

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I can only imagine: Are we going to spoof Chuck Jones' cartoons? A cop in the form of a horse -- I forgot his name -- wanted to arrest him.

Fraidy Cat

Oct 28, CARTOON REVIEW: Fraidy Cat (). (DLA's Note: My guest's comments will be in red.) I've gone over some cartoon series in the past, and I. Fraidy Cat is a cat on his last of his nine lives, and he lives in constant fear of dying. To make matters worse, if he said any number between one and eight, that . More cat-tales from the infamous cartoon character "Fraidy Cat" They say that all cats have nine lives now "Fraidy" is on his last life having been frightened out of.
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We haven't seen the last of stuff from this period and I will engage Filmation again in the future. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. If there were a reboot, I would like to see three things above all else:

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Good luck finding clips of this one! Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Even I cringed a little bit. By that time, people began thinking "Animation could work in this new medium! I have more stuff coming ahead. Hep Cat, Life 8.
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Think of how hard it would be to order a meal from a restaurant or to give somebody directions! This page was last edited on 15 December , at After stowing away on a freight train, Fraidy winds up in the desert.
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Fraidy is a cat on his 9th and last life. When he says the numbers 1 through 8, the ghost from that past life shows up and tries to help him. All his ghost lives. More cat-tales from the infamous cartoon character "Fraidy Cat" They say that all cats have nine lives now "Fraidy" is on his last life having been frightened out of. Fraidy Cat is a comical children's cartoon show that originally appeared as a segment on Filmation's short-lived ABC series Uncle Croc's Block.
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