Cat licked flea treatment

Has Symptoms Bleeding, not eating. She has had 6 bowel movements since the onset of cat licked flea treatment. My cat is foaming at the mouth,barely moving and her stomach was making unusual noises That may be due to an intoxication and requires immediate veterinary intervention. She also used the litter box and there was no diarrhea. It would be best if they were seen at your nearest emergency clinic, as they will be able to treat them for the toxicity. Aug 14,
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I sprayed flea spray in the house and now my female cat has red eyes and ears. Has Symptoms Lethargy, weak. And very sensitive when I pet her.

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Oh No! Licked flea medicine | TheCatSite

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He does need to be seen immediately if he is breathing with his mouth open. I also bathed her.

Oh No! Licked flea medicine

Aug 13, Though most cats will stay far away from parasite prevention products, sometimes they don't. And that's just because cats will be cats. The chemicals from the medication disrupt the nervous system and can lead to my young cat 7 weeks (i didn't know i counted wrong) licked the flea drops and. Dec 12, Okay, I had finished putting Marlees flea treatment on and let her go, b/c she usually ashleynicole Thread Starter TCS Member Top Cat.
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That will get any residual toxin off of his body. Add a comment to Brookie's experience.

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Like i said before, its been 25 hours and we've seen no change. When symptoms like paw flicking present after the administration of a flea and tick spot on medication, washing off any residue is always best but normally after five or six hours even thirty minutes to an hour the medication would have absorbed and would be dry. Vetstreet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. She is 11 months and probable 2. Add a comment to Ouija's experience.
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Could this be due to the medication?
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The effects of ingesting this type of flea medication range from mild to life threatening. You might not be aware that Scout ingested any Advantage. Initially, he'll. Someone with cats, please help. I've googled and gotten different opinions. Those with cats, has your cat ever done this? I put it on in the right. Dec 12, Okay, I had finished putting Marlees flea treatment on and let her go, b/c she usually ashleynicole Thread Starter TCS Member Top Cat.
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