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They reached a state of relatively peaceful co-existence, but were never friends. They get into the craziest stuff, and I'm convinced they egg each other are cats happier in pairs to do it. That said, cats are like Tribbles. Submit a new link. MEOW will not place a single kitten under the age of six months into a home without an appropriate feline playmate.
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Good luck with your new little guys. I'm looking forward to them growing a bit older they're about two years old now and slowing down. Cat ownership is a slippery slope.

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Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One | Happy Cat Sanctuary

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Years later, when I took him and moved in with a friend and his kitten, my cat was something of a bully.

Studying the Bond Between a Cat and Its Human

Adult cats with a history of living alone are better off remaining solitary unless you can provide so much space that the cats essentially live alone in the same. Look for kittens from the same litter or a pair that bonded during their time in . If kittens aren't available for adoption, older cats have a better. A farm cat wearing a GPS collar grooms one of its cousins (BBC) . to cohabiting with their fellow felines but that most were happier together.
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If one kitten is quick to learn appropriate litter box use, the other will be likely to copy. Terry V 5 years ago.

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Humans Reached the Roof of the World 40, Years. I am a strong proponent of two-cat households. Donate supplies through Amazon. Why are two kittens better than one? Kittens are very active at night: Good luck with your new little guys. My two now aren't cuddly or snuggly together, but they definitely amuse each other, they still play chase and pounce and stalking games, etc.
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When I was a kid, we had an adult male cat, adopted from a shelter, and then some years later we got a foundling male kitten. My two spent some time with a spayed female, and they hated each others guts. I think a small space is OK as long as they get enough play time.
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Adopting two bonded cats is better than trying to adopt a single cat when there is already a cat at home. Chances are that relationship may not. So, do cats get lonely and do cats need other cats for company? It comes down to Or are they happier in single-cat households? A tabby cat. The timeline for this supervised interaction is around one month, though it may vary with different cat pairs. “You need to help them adjust slowly, so no one gets .
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