Cat poops standing up

I am just thankful that the important parts are IN the box!! I know this is a few months old now, but I have a few questions: My cat is pooping standing up Discussion in ' Cat Health ' started by wafaDec 29, She cat poops standing up want near the other cats poop at all! Feb 15, 9. Can you try adding a 2nd litterbox? Rehosted and hotlinked webcomics will be removed, unless you are the creator.
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Dec 30, Pee sometimes does not get covered

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My Cat Only Poops Standing Up 😂😂💩 via Viralvideouk | Dank Meme on

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My Cat Poops And Pees Standing?

Some of my cats poop standing up. They keep one foot in the box with the other three up on the lip of the litterbox in a standing-up posture. One started doing it. hello everyone, I have two cats, one of them is pooping standing up and grimes itself. So I have to wash dirt constantly and I am really tired of. Both cats are up to date on everything. I have attached two photos of my female using the bathroom while standing to help with any ideas.
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Feb 14, 4.

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Do you mean meowth? Can you try adding a 2nd litterbox? Actually it's because it is a Scottish Fold Edit: It looks big enough in the pictures you attached, but have you tried going up in size just in case? Like, they're bigger than mine. Everyone knows all cats are girls. One weird encounter doesnt make you distrust a whole fucking gender.
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points • 19 comments - My cat only poops standing up - 9GAG has the best. Both cats are up to date on everything. I have attached two photos of my female using the bathroom while standing to help with any ideas. Does this mean everyone with a cat who poops outside the box should .. watery poop spots around the house (one right while I was standing next to him). Not all problems will show up in the blood work – the most serious.
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