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She is a beautiful hairless They are a quirky, fun addition to the Sphynx Cat Available Retired sphynx cat looking for forever home. Well Trained Sphynx Kittens seeking new homes Adorable sphynx kittens available to approved forever homes. These little people are searching for fantastic your homes!
mocha - Age: 31
Price - 148$

A stray Momma cat decided under our backporch would be a great place to have her litter of

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Sphynx Cat Breeders: Texas | girlsnation-auxiliary.com

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We scan all of our breeding cats yearly

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Home. Area 51 Sphynx is located near Abilene, Texas. Our kittens have traveled in every direction of the United States, from East Coast to West. We are very. Cattitudesphynx is a small cattery in the Dallas, Texas area, specializing in the hairless Bambino cats and the Sphynx cats,Elf, Dwelf & Minskin. Located in north Texas, we share our entire home with several very special souls. Great effort is put into the care and enrichment of each cat and kitten here, and we want it to show! Picture Please be patient with our adoption process. ​.
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Ruby - Age: 25
Price - 101$

We have a cpl amazing little guys who will be ready in a few weeks, after they complete their vetting.

Sphynx kittens!

Denton Texas Pets and Animals. Sphynx Kitten I have one beautiful Sphynx kitten. Beautiful Female Sphynx Kitten This little woman is stunning! Fort Worth Texas Pets and Animals. All of our kittens are up to date on vaccines and will She is a beautiful hairless Healthy, lively and litter skilled!
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Mae - Age: 33
Price - 60$

She is a beautiful hairless She is a dilute calico with blue eyes.
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Beautiful hairless cats from all around the world Located in Tyler, TX We appreciate all you have done to make the adoption go smoothly, and our little. Tica reg Parents HCM scanned Kittens very friendly 2 year health Guarantee Tyler, Texas» Sphynx». $1, Home. Area 51 Sphynx is located near Abilene, Texas. Our kittens have traveled in every direction of the United States, from East Coast to West. We are very.
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