Norweigan forest cat

A square or round-shaped head is classes as a defect. Norwegian Forest Cat photos. You might often find them sitting high in tall places. Click to attach a photo related to your comment. Secrets of the Natural Cat Owner. Their head is quite long and is said to be the shape of norweigan forest cat equilateral triangle.
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Physical characteristics One of the largest cat breeds, the Norwegian has an impressively robust and muscular physique, enhanced by its thick coat. The lifespan is usually 14 to 16 years, though kidney and heart diseases have been reported in the breed. You might often find them sitting high in tall places.

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Norwegian Forest Cat: traits and pictures

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A male wegie can weigh between 13 to 22 pounds or more, and females are slightly smaller.

Norwegian Forest cat

Known as the Skogkatt in its native Norway, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, semi-longhaired cat whose rugged appearance fits its name. Despite the hardy. Everything you want to know about Norwegian Forest Cats, including grooming, health problems, history, adoption, finding good breeders, and more. The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large and majestic feline with a beautifully thick coat and magnificent eyes. But what else do you know about this.
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In the Norwegian language, a 'skogkatt' literally means 'forest cat'. It can be mild, causing little or no pain, or it can eventually lead to severe lameness. The breed was at risk of extinction during World War II, but the Norwegian Forest Cat Club helped combat this by creating an official breeding program.

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Norwegian Forest Cats most often suffer from hip dysplasia , hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and glycogen storage disease IV — we will go into these more in detail in a moment. Retrieved September 10, Kurzhals, and others, it was concluded that a complex rearrangement in the breed's Glycogen branching enzyme GBE1 can cause both a perinatal hypoglycemic collapse and a late-juvenile-onset neuromuscular degeneration in glycogen storage disease type IV in the breed. It can be hard to get their coat wet enough to wash them thoroughly. However, we condemn breeding and encourage adoption every time.
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Any breeder that claims their wegie kittens have no health conditions should not be trusted. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 12 October , at
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Find out more about the beautiful and historic Norwegian Forest Cat, and whether this cat breed is right for you There's something very Nordic about the. The Norwegian Forest Cat has a mystical history rooted in Norse folktales. Come find out what you can expect from this adorable breed!. The Norwegian Forest Cat (or "Wegie") is a large, playful hunter that loves to climb and is a great member of the family, especially with kids.
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