How to euthanize your cat at home painlessly

Pretty much anywhere that offers euthanasia will offer disposal cremation, generally. Worse come to worst, they'll put him down humanely. I can't have a cat where I'm living right now; if I could how to euthanize your cat at home painlessly my own place, I'd keep him in a heartbeat. Vet killed the dog with an injection, I do not know what it was, but I saw the dog SUFFER a second or two of pure panic when that drug, administered IV, hit whatever its target organ was I think the vet is the best way, the problem is my cat hates the vet, so I know he would be dying in a terrified and scared state. Still, it's a better ending than the one we were all afraid of.
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Fwiw, many areas have laws against disposing of dead animals, like burying in backyard. It was dragging its hind quarters and not breathing well. I've worked for a short spell in a very oxygen deficient atmosphere down a mine shaft, and it is euphoric.

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You should cremate a pet if you've had it put to sleep.

Choosing to Humanely Euthanize a Cat

TL;DR version: I need to know how to put a cat down humanely. . You can usually request to take your pet home with you for private disposal. Confirm with your vet that it is OK to let your cat pass at home naturally. . money for the vet, who is a professional who can euthanize an animal painlessly and. After my wife was done, I put the cat in the box, took her home, and buried her in a hole I dug three days previous. With a pick, the ground was.
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Originally posted by kray Join Date Oct Location detroit,mich. IMHO opinion it would be a courtesy to email her after.

Making the Decision to Humanely Euthanize a Cat

I'd like to avoid physical violence if at all possible, and I'd like him to not feel pain. Even when we had to put down our one cat who was an asshole kitty, it was still hard. Originally posted by InThane: Jan 16, Posts: You have options kinder than surrendering an animal that could not be adopted.
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If it is in serious pain, or terminal illness, don't think twice about taking it to the vet. Jul 11, Posts:
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After my wife was done, I put the cat in the box, took her home, and buried her in a hole I dug three days previous. With a pick, the ground was. Here is an easy, peaceful and very safe method to euthanize your pet at home without veterinary intervention and associated costs; without the. These days, a growing number of services are available to euthanize your pet in your home. Some veterinarians say it's less stressful to allow a pet to pass more.
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