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Cat Age Calculator Here you can find answers to cat years conversion like: Life Expectancy of Cats. Watery Eyes in Cats. Most dog experts seem to follow this age formula: Share this with others! This site uses cookies. A cat that lives indoors is much safer than a cat that lives on the streets.
Freddie - Age: 33
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The maximum life span for humans is considered to be around the age of

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How old is my cat in human years?

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I wish I knew his exact age, but he was a rescue from the streets. My cat is 10 in cat years?


One cat year does not equal seven human years. Read on for tips on determining your cat's age and check out a helpful cat years to human. Use our cat age calculator. Easily convert your cat's age to human years. Visit to learn if your cat is old or young. The online Cat Years Calculator is used to convert cat years to human years. The calculation is based on the comparative ages when cats and humans reach.
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Midnight - Age: 34
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This calculator is based on the average lifespan of a healthy cat. This chart is just an average on the basis of the above-mentioned method.

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Outdoor cat lifespan ranges widely, anywhere from three to 10 years. Outdoor cats are always in a danger of being hit by passing vehicles or falling prey to illnesses. The numbers varied widely ranging from 14 to 20 years. Indeed there are few other things that make you feel better after a long, tiring day, than a cat purring gently, welcoming you home. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on this website, we offer no warranties in relation to these informations.
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Juno - Age: 26
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He brought her back to England and named her Harriet.
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Dogs and cats age more rapidly than humans. At one time or another we've all heard the expression 'dog years', but most of us are unaware of how the relative. The free Cat Age Calculator can convert the age of your cat into human years. You can also find out your age in cat years with the Cat Age Calculator. One cat year does not equal seven human years. Read on for tips on determining your cat's age and check out a helpful cat years to human.
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