Cat proof curtains

My tall china cupboard is next to the dining room window and he runs through the downstairs and jumps up on everything until he finally lands at the top of the cupboard. I have simple Target-brand curtains over the blinds that he can easily get cat proof curtains. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Get drapes or get rid of kitty. We solved this same issue 4 cats, 1 labrador, lots of windows, corner lot with cat proof curtains blinds. Please share your experiences and recommendations.
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The cat can get past them to sit on the windowsill or peak her head out and they go back to their normal placement when she's done peering at the world. Avoid making eye contact as you make the sound, so she associates the sound with the curtains rather than with you.

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Suggestions for cat proof blinds/window covering? - Unclutterer

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Applied with a bit of care, it looks pretty much like real frosted glass, and can be removed quickly with a razor blade. This from a guy whose DW lets kitty sleep in the bed, with the result that the damn thing yowls all night long if locked out, and has destroyed every item of furniture we ever slept on by marking it. Links to pictures or specific products would be awesome.

How to Stop Cats From Climbing Curtains

Vertical blinds are an alternative to curtains and a good way to cat-proof your window coverings. Felix can't climb them, most vertical blinds don't shred, and he . I currently have curtains up (see pic below), but I'm not fond of them (in terms of looks or function). To make matters worse, our two cats like to. We are not keen on blinds as we don't want a repeat of our daily battle with our cat over the blinds, nor do we think curtains is a good idea (we.
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Suggestions for cat proof blinds/window covering?

Avoid making eye contact as you make the sound, so she associates the sound with the curtains rather than with you. A Weighty Solution Swap the curtain rod for a tension rod mounted inside the window frame, tightening it just enough so that any weight other than the curtains themselves results in the rod tumbling down, bringing the curtains and cat along with it. Tack strips of aluminum foil near the bottom foot or so of each curtain panel, preventing the cat from climbing up without touching foil. The curtains themselves can be easily removed and washed when you need to Always use two sheer panels, so that the cat can get into the window in the middle of the window, in between the two sheer panels.
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Offer an Alternate Kitty most likely wants to be up high, where she can keep reach an elevated view of her indoor world.
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Pet Hair Resistant Curtains!!! I know, you're welcome. Lol – these fabulous curtains not only resist pet hair, but they are also super easy to clean. My cat has a horrible habit of biting through wires and cables. He's ruined countless headphone cables, and he has now turned his attentions. For whatever reason the cat won't claw these. Farrah from Target and maybe not used tension shower curtain rod in case the cat tried to climb them!.
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