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Can the recipient stop the messages? Why are there so many send cat facts free for the app? View the conversation between the CatBot and your friend right in the app and share all their funny responses! Yes, the app sends anonymously from a non-listed number. Your phone number is never used or shown.
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To stop, simply switch to the "OFF" position. Send Some Cat Facts! Sign them up now!

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Cat Facts - Android App

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I asked my prom date out with Cat Facts. App Store Description Cat Facts is a text messaging service which provides random, funny, and interesting facts about cats.

Automatically send fun facts about CATS to your friends

Anonymously and automatically sign your friend up to recieve massive amounts of Cat Facts!. Cat Facts is a daily text message service that sends cat trivia right to your phone!. Cat Facts is a daily text message service that sends cat trivia right to your phone! Cats do a lot of weird things and sometimes their behavior is a bit out of.
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You are using an outdated browser. For proper use of this site, you need to enable javascript in your browser! All US based wireless carriers are supported. Cats Facts has also become widely known as a popular Internet trolling prank made popular by Reddit. The Cat Facts Android app totally automates the sending of facts like the original Reddit post. Want More Info on CatFacts?
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Available on Any Screen Size The app is responsive and available on all device screen sizes including tablets! How often should they receive Cat Facts? That is why we must charge a very small fee to cover our costs.
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Frackyou responded by sending CatFacts, a made-up phone service You'll have to dish over some cat monies though, these facts ain't free. Cat Facts is a free Android app that automates the anonymous sending of cat facts to friends!. Cat Facts is a daily text message service that sends cat trivia right to your phone!.
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