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I feel the same way. Beans and legumes have a variety of compounds in them that make them difficult to digest for humans, meaning they are doubly difficult for obligate carnivores with a digestive system that guar gum in cat food never intended to process them. What do you guys think of carrageenan and guar gum in canned food? Guar gum is one of the most important ingredients of pet foods. Aug 12,
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About Guar gum and Xantam..

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Choose Another Pet Food if Yours Has These Ingredients | The Healthy Home Economist

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In addition to inappropriate foods, dangerous ingredients lurk in commercial pet food which can also contribute to illness over the long term. Notable Members Current Visitors. Finally, there are studies indicating that prolonged ingestion of guar gum increases the odds for developing colorectal cancer.

Pet Food Ingredients to Avoid: Guar Gum

Whole Food for Pet Cancer Patients — What's Better? . Guar gum has its origins in ground guar beans and is a polysaccharide (complex. Your cat's health depends on eating feline-appropriate ingredients in its food. The ideal . Guar Gum: shown to decrease the digestibility of protein in cat food. If you really want simple, healthy-for-the-cat foods, Space . Pet Food Ingredients to Avoid: Guar Gum – CatCentric guar Gum is a legume.
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Grains are added to dry kibble to make it easier to handle for humans.

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Guar gum increases gastric emptying time which may contribute to hairball formation ; it stimulates bile secretions which may contribute to ulcers or pancreatitis ; and it slows transit time through the intestines, which negatively affects nutrient availability, specifically impacting protein and fat metabolism. Use of guar gum in pet foods is not new at all. Even certain brands of Wellness do this I agree that it may have no effect on healthy cats or humans. Only Natural Pet has a wet food without any of it but they use agar-agar.
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Maybe because of the food allergy to wellness canned that happened just a few months ago, I started reading labels more carefully and got suspicious easily.
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Third in our “Pet Food Ingredients to Avoid”, written by Laurie Goldstein, is guar gum, another thickening agent. Guar gum is also a. Guar gum can be found in many pet foods as a source of fiber. If your cat is allergic to it, he can develop symptoms related to gastrointestinal upset. If this sounds. It told me that several of the ingredients in commercial dog and cat foods have the . Both brands contained the additives, carrageenan, cassia and guar gum.
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