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There feral cat meaning not been a human case of rabies transmitted from a cat since British Journal of Nutrition. Retrieved 28 December Free-ranging cats kill one to four billion birds and six to 22 billion feral cat meaning annually in the contiguous states of the United States. Feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus belong to the Retroviridae family, and both cause immunosuppression in cats, which can increase their susceptibility to other infections. Retrieved 4 September
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Archived from the original on 14 July Feral cats have a harsh life. Based on microsatellite genetic tests it was determined that these cats have a mainly European ancestry.

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Archived from the original on 13 July Proponents of TNR argue that it is effective in stopping reproduction and reducing the population over time.

What is a feral cat?

But stray cats and feral cats are also different from each other in a very important way—in their relationship to and interactions Another definition that may help. What is a Feral Cat? The official definition of feral is, “living in a wild state after domestication”. Behaviors can be modified, and some feral cats become tame. Feral and stray cats are often misunderstood. Learning the facts can help overturn the myths and stop the overpopulation and mistreatment of homeless cats.
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Feral cats carry diseases such as rabies. They hunt vermin such as rodents and other small animals that live in or around outbuildings and farm fields. However, veterinarians and rescuers disagreed on whether a feral cat would tend to hiss and spit at or attack a human during an encounter, and disagreed on whether adult ferals could potentially be tamed.

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Sometimes feral cats kill non-native pests. Focusing on the perceived struggle between cats and birds diverts attention from the real cause of declining bird populations: The humane solution is to trap and kill them to prevent them from possible future suffering. One study in Scotland suggests that while "true" Scottish wildcats are unlikely to exist, the current wildcat population is distinct enough from domestic cats to be worth protecting; [70] genetics research is still underway as part of the Wildcat Haven project in Scotland, which has reported success protecting wildcats from hybridisation with widespread trap-neuter-return work. Feral cats have a harsh life. An analysis of both techniques in Hawaii suggested they are less effective when new cats were introduced by the abandonment of pets. For more information about feral cats, please see the HSUS website.
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Archived from the original on 22 November Ten to fifteen percent of the cats trapped are tame, abandoned cats. Feral cats often live outdoors in colonies in locations where they can access food and shelter.
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A Feral cat is not defined by age. I high number of divorced Pumas & Cougars are likely to be Feral Cats. 1 in 33 hot chicks are thought to be Feral Cats. The meaning of the term feral cat varies between professions and countries, and is sometimes used interchangeably with other terms. What is a Feral Cat? The official definition of feral is, “living in a wild state after domestication”. Behaviors can be modified, and some feral cats become tame.
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