Can cats catch the flu

But what about our pets? Your cat might also avoid moving around as much if she has cat flu, as it can cause muscle and joint pain. Zoonotic is a term used to identify illnesses that can be transmitted from animals to people or a disease that normally exists only in animals, but can infect humans like rabies or anthrax. Cat flu does cause cold-like symptoms, with a runny, congested nose that can make your cat snuffle and sneeze, a fever, drooling, and red, watery eyes. A cat can be a carrier of cat flu which is caused by a combination of viruses can cats catch the flu necessarily showing symptoms. While kittens are usually most at risk of catching cat flu, older cats with weakened immune systems may also be susceptible. Consult your vet as soon as your can cats catch the flu shows any of the symptoms one of the first signs to look out for is sore-looking or partially closed eyes.
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How do cats get cat flu? There is no cure for cat flu, but the good news is that healthy older cats — those that have no immune issues — have usually built up some resistance to it with age. Toggle navigation Phone Home.

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Can My Pet Catch the Flu? –

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However, if your cat caught the flu virus earlier in life, it can lie dormant and keep coming back, and is often triggered when her immune system is low from stress, poor diet or another illness.

Can My Pet Catch the Flu?

Oct 5, New research indicates that the influenza virus can jump from humans to pet animals, raising the possibility of dangerous mutations. (Image via. Jan 30, Both dogs and cats can contract a canine or feline variation of the flu. end up waylaid by the flu this winter, your pet won't catch it from you. Nov 4, But a cat can catch cold or flu from you. “The virus attaches to cells in the respiratory tract of felines similarly to how it does in humans,” says.
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If you have any concerns about your pet or if they are exhibiting any of the flu symptoms, see your vet.

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See our cookie policy Please be advised our Fair Processing Notice has been updated. How do cats get cat flu? While both of these types of influenza are contagious, they are not zoonotic. Just as with humans, the youngest and oldest are most susceptible and likely to suffer the hardest. While kittens are usually most at risk of catching cat flu, older cats with weakened immune systems may also be susceptible.
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Should a cat with flu be kept away from other felines?
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Even somebody who pets the dog or cat after you is unlikely to catch your virus that way, and "you can't get a cold or the flu from your dog or cat. Even though transmission of the flu from humans to cats is rare, it is possible. Learn how to protect your cats. Oct 3, As flu season approaches, people who get sick may not realize they can pass the flu not only to other humans, but possibly to other animals.
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