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The Mine Song: Video Gallery | Know Your Meme

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The Mine Song but it's perfor The Imgflip watermark helps other people find where the meme was created, so they can make memes too! Dec 20, at

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Most commonly, people use the generator to add text captions to established memes , so technically it's more of a meme "captioner" than a meme maker.

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The Mine Song but Stingy keep All your mailbox are belong t The "Mine Song" but every min The Mine Song but it's perfor Cooking by the Book.
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The "Mine Song" but every min You Are A Pirate. You can create "meme chains" of multiple images stacked vertically by adding new images with the "below current image" setting.
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Insanely fast, mobile-friendly meme generator. Make Mine memes or upload your own images to make custom memes. The Mine Song” is a song sung by the character Stingy in the Icelandic children's television show LazyTown, which was broadcast on Nickelodeon. Online, the. Browse the best of our 'The Mine Song' video gallery and vote for your favorite!.
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    married. But Mr Bellford works very hard, and it is

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    And I never got down to Cyprus or North Africa that winter. Oh well, you live and learn. It’s not an easy life in prison. But it’s warm in winter, and the food’s not bad. And I’m meeting some interesting people. There’s a man from Georgia — Boris, his name is. He comes from a place by the Black Sea. He’s a great guy. When we get out of here, he and I are going down to Australia… Brisbane perhaps, or Sydney. Get a job on a ship, start a new life. Yeah, next year will be OK.

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    We spoke happily. She was very beautiful. But after a time, she began to talk quietly, and her face was sad.

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    ‘This isn’t right,’ I thought. ‘That war happened 350 years ago!’

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    The guard looked at Tom unhappily. ‘There’s a large tree in front of the train,’ he said. ‘We’ll have to move it, but we can’t do it quickly. So this is the end of the journey for you. You’ll have to get off the train and walk.’

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    The tall dark man took out his newspaper and began to read. Julie opened her eyes and looked at the back page of his newspaper. She read about the weather in Budapest and about the football in Liverpool. She wasn’t interested in Budapest and she didn’t like football, but she didn’t want to listen to Bill and the man in the brown hat. ‘Talk, talk, talk,’ she thought. ‘Bill never stops talking.’

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