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The Hystricomorphasuch as the guinea pig, have larger superficial masseter muscles and smaller deep masseter muscles than rats or squirrels, possibly making them less efficient at biting with the incisors, but their enlarged internal pterygoid muscles may allow them to move the jaw further sideways when chewing. In Feldhamer, George A. In Viktor and Annie Reinhardt. Cognitive bias and affective state". Guinea pigs are used in the cuisine of CuzcoPeru, in dishes such as cuy al horno dog cat mouse mole deer pig, baked guinea pig. Sue; Harbaugh, Carroll R.
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Defense polygyny involves males controlling territories that contain resources that attract females.

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Mating among rodents can vary from monogamy , to polygyny , to promiscuity. Individuals within coteries are friendly with each other, but hostile towards outsiders. Sharper paradigms, safer inferences".

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Can you guess the answer to this puzzle for a prize stereo?" What comes next in this sequence: Dog, Cat, Mouse, Mole, Deer, Pig. Cow, Llama, Rabbit, Frog. What comes next in this sequence: dog cat mouse mole deer pig???? Choose from: llama, cow, rabbit, frog 2. What are the next five letters in this sequence. cat, queen, tom coyote, bitch, dog. crab, hen / jenny deer, doe, stag / buck guinea pig, sow, boar mole, sow, boar. mouse, doe, buck.
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The rodent then practices coprophagy , eating its own fecal pellets, so the nutrients can be absorbed by the gut. In the Great Plains of North America, the burrowing activities of prairie dogs play important roles in soil aeration and nutrient redistribution, raising the organic content of the soil and increasing the absorption of water. Males with territories are known as "resident" males and the females that live within the territories are known as "resident" females.

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Since 76 percent of rodent genera contain only one species, much phylogenetic diversity could be lost with a comparatively small number of extinctions. Mother rodents provide both direct parental care, such as nursing, grooming, retrieving and huddling, and indirect parenting, such as food caching, nest building and protection to their offspring. Most rodents are small animals with robust bodies, short limbs, and long tails. Carleton and Musser in Mammal Species of the World have provisionally adopted a five suborder system: As such, these rodents may play a role in maintaining healthy forests. Extirpation of prairie dogs can also contribute to regional and local biodiversity loss , increased seed depredation, and the establishment and spread of invasive shrubs.
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Though some species are common pests for humans, rodents also play important ecological roles. University of California Museum of Paleontology.
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the tarandus, the horse, the ass, the badger, the swine, the camel-leopard, the hyena, These were followed by beasts of a lesser magnitude, as foxes, dogs, cats, hedgehogs, polcats, rats, mice, moles, and lizards; likewise locusts and ants, but of clean creatures, as kine, sheep, goats, chamois, buffaloes, deer, elks. asles, a few mules, hogs, sheep, goats, red and fallow deer, hares, rabbits, dogs, cats, foxes, badgers, weaz is, ferrets, pole-cats, squirrels, rats, mice, moles, . asles, a few mules, hogs, sheep, goats, red and fallow deer, hares, rabbits, dogs, cats, foxes, badgers, weaz is, ferrets, pole-cats, squirrels, rats, mice, moles, .
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