Cat has lump on back near spine

And they need antibiotics. She seemed to go through the procedure well and. They told me to keep an eye on it til Monday and call then if cat has lump on back near spine hadn't popped. The smell was pretty bad but it didn't seem to be distressing for her so I decided to try and treat it first which I'm glad I did. He laid around the yard looking tired and worn out. This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons.
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Oh god I don't know how I missed it. Our female wild cat had a tumour and we had her ex rayed I was going to have her put to sleep but needed to check.

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Help! My cat has a lump on her back! | TheCatSite

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He said it's really close to popping on its own so he just shaved the area, told me how to care for it once it does open up, and prescribed antibiotics.

Help! My cat has a lump on her back!

Here are the most common types of skin lumps on cats are and some tricks you can Abscesses are localized infections that typically develop after a wound has lesion running down the back of the thigh or a lump on the lower lip or chin. DS pointed out one of our cats has a lump on his back. site but said it didn't seem likely in this case as the lump is not really anywhere near an injection site. My cat has a lump on his back near his spine that is maleable and doesn't seem to hurt when I touch it! He is only a year old and is very active.
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Nodules often over the nose which may ulcerate; many other signs depending on what other body systems are infected.

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She has never had any shots, so I know it's nothing to do with that and she isn't even a year old yet, so it's not likely to be cancer, right? It was the chronic renal failure that took her life five months later. He may be in pain. They told me to keep an eye on it til Monday and call then if it hadn't popped. Nodules often over the nose which may ulcerate; many other signs depending on what other body systems are infected.
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My mom can't afford to take bumphead to the vet and Im not sure if she does have cancer but i would like to know. You must log in or sign up to reply here.
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and could be benign. Learn more about skin growths, lumps, tumors, swelling, or masses in cats. Any of the above signs should prompt you to seek veterinary attention. Has it gotten larger or smaller or changes in appearance? Does the. If your cat has a lump at the site of a recent shot, let your vet know. They appear on the underside of the cat, near her nipples, and often go. We look at the different causes of lumps and bumps on cats, how they are They are usually the result of a cat bite which has become infected. . Symptoms: Miliary dermatitis (small, firm, scabs) along the back close to the .. front legs/ spine and neck. one big infected one b which started it all on back.
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