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Russian Blues have a life black eyed russian topaz cat of around 10—20 years, but some have even lived up to a maximum of 25 years and have few health problems as they tend black eyed russian topaz cat have little to no genetic problems and are not prone to illness. In she owned a black cat called Fyodor who had blue eyes and a white tail-tip, a phenotype that resembled the American Ojos Azules discovered in California. Its vivid blue eyes are wide-set, oval and slightly tilted - their outer corners being above the level of the outer base of the ears. They highlander cat for sale not known to be aggressive or especially reclusive. The blue-eyed cats, included Gioia, have had hearing tests and have perfect hearing.
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Unfortunately, the gene was also linked to birth defects; kittens inheriting two copies of the gene being deformed or stillborn. Sterling Sterling, as in silver.

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Topaz Cats, Breed standart. | - Professional nursery chihuahua and African Serval

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Pearl Wonderful for a female kitten with lighter-coloured grey fur, Pearl is a lovely classic name. Are blue-eyed Blacks worth breeding?

Russian Blue

Double vision: Twin cats in Russia each have one normal and one show how one eye is normal and the other is bright blue; Kittens Iriss and Abiss .. Rita Ora cuts a chic figure in black overcoat and matching beanie as she. The Topaz is a very new blue eyed cat breed which is in development by Iryna Thanks to a dominant blue eyed gene these cats can have any coat colour and still have striking blue eyes. Kaonasi (black smoke with white). | Russian Topaz White Markings. Read it . "Picture". In a gamekeeper at Dufftown, North East Scotland, trapped a large black cat.
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In the case of homozygotes which have a high degree of white, the only drawback is deafness, but even in this case not all high-white Topaz cats have this.

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The tail is proportionate to the cat's body. It is also planned to knit with a chocolate cat and a brown marble cat. Tom and Jerry One of the most famous gray cats of all times! They have exceptional athleticism and rival even Abyssinians for their ability to leap and climb. The contrast of blue eyes against a dark or patterend coat is the main attraction. Expect this cat to shed moderately.
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However, felinologists note that cats with a gene that contributes to the blue eyes can also be found on the territory of Russia Mountains of Altai.
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Double vision: Twin cats in Russia each have one normal and one bright As well as their hypnotising eyes, caused by a lack of melanin, the cats .. Busy Philipps is makeup free in a black bra as she shares intimate photo. In this group you can find the most unusual pet in the world of cats - new cat breed with blue or different cute fluffy topaz boy with a silver collar and odd eyes). | Russian Topaz White Markings. Read it . "Picture". In a gamekeeper at Dufftown, North East Scotland, trapped a large black cat.
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