Siamese tabby cat

See Cats Less Affectionate with Family. As a result of generations of selective breeding, they created increasingly long, fine-boned, narrow-headed cats; eventually the modern show Siamese was bred to be swimmer kitten syndrome elongated, with a lean, tubular body, long, slender legs, a very long, very thin tail that tapers gradually into a point and a long, wedge-shaped head topped by extremely large, wide-set ears. However, it also makes them vulnerable to urban dangers such as night-time vehicular traffic. Some cat breeds are typically independent and aloof, even if they've been raised by the siamese tabby cat person since kittenhood; others bond closely to one person and are indifferent to everyone else; and some shower the whole siamese tabby cat with affection. Most cat associations call for the Siamese to have a svelte but muscular body with long lines. Some people refer to it as an old-style Siamese. In their early days in Britain, they were called the "Royal Cat of Siam", reflecting reports that they had previously been kept only siamese tabby cat Siamese royalty.
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Today Siamese come in many different point colors and patterns, including tabby points and smoke points. Archived from the original on

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Siamese Cat Breed Information: Behavior, Pictures and Care |Cattime

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These colours were at first considered "inferior" seal points, and were not qualified for showing or breeding. Retrieved 27 September

Siamese cat

The sophisticated Siamese looks dressed for an elegant masquerade ball in pale evening wear with chic black accessories and tanzanite-blue eyes. The Siamese cat is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asian cat. Derived from the . cats with points in other cat colours and patterns, including Red and Cream point, lynx (tabby) point, and tortoise-shell ("tortie") point. (For more. Lynx point Siamese cats (Or Tabby Points as they are called in the UK!) get their distinctive look from crosses between Siamese and tabbies. Breeding began in.
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Daily dental hygiene is best, but weekly brushing is better than nothing. Their unique appearance and distinct behaviour attracted attention but all three of the kittens died soon after the show, their cause of death not documented. Although a playful kitten sounds endearing, consider how many games of chase the mouse-toy you want to play each day, and whether you have kids or other animals who can stand in as playmates.


The carefully refined modern Siamese is characterized by blue almond-shaped eyes; a triangular head shape; large ears; an elongated, slender, and muscular body; and point colouration. The breed standard of the modern Siamese calls for an elongated, tubular, and muscular body and a triangular head, forming a perfect triangle from the tip of the nose to each tip of the ear. They come in the same four colors recognized by CFA, plus albino. Still this lack of a tapetum lucidum even in uncross-eyed cats causes reduced vision for the cat at night. The Siamese walks on small, dainty, oval paws and swishes a long, thin tail that tapers to a fine point. The head is longer than it is wide, but not to an extreme degree.
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The Siamese cat is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asian cat. Derived from the . cats with points in other cat colours and patterns, including Red and Cream point, lynx (tabby) point, and tortoise-shell ("tortie") point. (For more. Explore Haley Moore's board "Siamese Tabby Mix" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Cats, Kitty and Kitty cats. What are the characteristics of a Tabby/Siamese mix? 5, Views . So a Siamese x regular cat with tabby pattern cross is going to be His/Her Own Cat.
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