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Scottish and Scotch-Irish Americans have, of course, assimilated to a high degree and have benefited much from the opportunities that class mobility and a strong work ethic have brought them. The earliest recorded history concerning the Scots comes from the Romans, who controlled southern Britain in the first century A. Even now there are still schools, organisations and other such scotch irish characteristics named after the San Patricios. In addition, because of assimilation, it would be unlikely that there would be a "Scots vote" or "Scotch-Irish vote. Family and Community Scotch irish characteristics Traditional family structure, especially in the Highlands, centered around the clan.
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In all three contexts— Scotch-Irishness, the American Revolution, and evangelical Christianity— there is an emphasis on rugged individualism and autonomy, on having the courage to stand up for what you believe, and on opposition to hierarchical authority. However, the political persecution of the Jacobite sympathizers, combined with economic hard times, forced many Scots to emigrate. Campbells mingle with MacGregors and Andersons, while enjoying Scotch whisky and traditional cuisine.

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Misconceptions about the Scotch-Irish

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The "Scotch-Irish" and the "Savage South"

Substitute “Scots-Irish” for “Pashtun”, “Hmong” or “Berber” and you will see Many of the traits that non-Americans perceive as “Yankee” are. Millions of Americans have Scotch-Irish ancestors, for when this country gained its to be common national characteristics of nineteenth-century Americans. The consensus on the Scotch-Irish migration to America appears to be 1) that at least , Fondness for migration was only one of their characteristics
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Religion The traditional dividing line between the Scotch-Irish and the Irish has been religion. Most Scotch-Irish headed for Pennsylvania, with its good lands, moderate climate, and liberal laws. In , the beginning of the Plantation, there was no Northern Ireland.

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Perhaps the most notable among this group is one of America's most successful immigrants—the industrialist Andrew Carnegie. It is misleading to say "The Scotch-Irish descend from , Scottish Lowland Presbyterians who were encouraged by the English government to migrate to Ulster in the seventeenth century. Ingham finds that the Scotch-Irish held together cohesively throughout the 19th century and "developed their own sense of uniqueness". Following the end of the Irish Nine Years' War in , and the Flight of the Earls in , James embarked in on a systematic plantation of English and Scottish Protestant settlers to Ireland's northern province of Ulster. Potatoes "tatties" are most often eaten mashed. I really found this article very good a lot i did not know. The tartan shows up elsewhere, commonly worn on ties, caps, and skirts—even on cars and in the costumes of young "punk rockers" in Edinburgh and Glasgow.
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It received its fullest and most simplistic and romantic, if not extravagant, articulation in the first third of the twentieth century, and it is still very much alive today. The Blackstaff Press Limited. This page was last edited on 15 December , at
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The consensus on the Scotch-Irish migration to America appears to be 1) that at least , Fondness for migration was only one of their characteristics Substitute “Scots-Irish” for “Pashtun”, “Hmong” or “Berber” and you will see Many of the traits that non-Americans perceive as “Yankee” are. I call usually call them the “Scotch-Irish,” but, for today only, I will use the These traits made the Scots-Irish the backbone of American fighting.
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