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Eneru of One Piece has earlobes that robotic cat ears down to his chest with heavy earrings. Having non-human ears is a common way of indicating that a character that otherwise looks mostly human is Not Quite Humanwhether it be an alien, supernatural creature cabinet office logo human significantly modified through magical or pseudo-scientific means. In Speculative Fiction and Mythologyit is not surprising to see characters with non-standard ears. All of the cat-people in Mahou Shoujo Neko Taruto also have tails. In the Deep Space Nine Relaunch novels, robotic cat ears also detect electrical fields. This page was last edited on 20 Juneat Expect some Furry Ear Dissonance.
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Klonoa has long, rabbit-like ears that actually add a gameplay element—they let him hover briefly, just enough to reach that next ledge. Schroedinger from Hellsing is a catboy with feline ears.

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Sweet Songs Forever naturally has fox ears, being a kitsune. The members of the Lesser Fellpool race in the Star Ocean series have ears like this. This adds to the in-universe perception of how much they just look like humans who are cosplaying.

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CNET's Boonsri Dickinson tries on a pair of Japanese robotic cat ears that measure brain waves to supposedly reveal how a person is feeling. Animatronic Cat Ears: I saw the demo video for the neurowear "necomimi" brain controlled cat ears and I thought they were pretty awesome. I'm just starting to. Remember those hilariously bizarre Japanese cat ears you could the great abyss and seen the future of fashion — and the future is robotic.
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SoraNews24 Bringing you yesterday's news from Japan and Asia, today. Of course, they are fox spirits. The first thing Kagome's mother says when a dog-eared boy busts into Kagome's house to drag her back to the feudal era is not "Who are you?

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Necomimi is a headband with a MindWave brain wave sensor manufactured by NeuroSky [5] and motorized cat shaped ears programmed to turn up when the wearer concentrates and to turn down when he or she relaxes. The cast of Karin-dou 4koma are primarily youkai, so there are plenty of characters with ears to match their type, be it animal ears or some variant of Pointy Ears. Any City of Heroes character can have cat ears, and the normal human ears only "go away" if you hide them. Interestingly, fellow uplifted jizo statue Shiki Eiki doesn't have noticeably unusual ears, possibly due to differences in the way the two came to life Narumi became a youkai thanks to the magic of the Forest of Magic , while Shiki received enough faith to become a god. Enterprise , "Cease Fire". Dremmach have furry ears, while Arno have big, pointed ears, with big earrings. While not actually ears, the Diclonius in Elfen Lied have horns that look like nekomimi.
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For starters, Tomoe has fox ears and a lot of gods and demons also seem to have elven-looking ears.
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NecoMimi (Cat ears) - A Japanese headband using brainwaves to move the ears . Do they work or is it all hype? Read our personal review. Meet ThinkGeek's Animatronic Cat Ears. With a convenient remote control, this headband lets you share your emotion through your ears, the same way cats do. In Japanese Manga and Anime, cat ears (nekomimi) and other types of animal anime ear type is "antenna ears," which can be seen primarily on Robot Girls.
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