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Excessive tearing can be a problem in this breed, so wipe the corners of the eyes clean daily to prevent under-eye stains from forming. Helmi Flick, Animal Photography. They are also known to be excellent at adapting to new environments, so for those who are renters, they are certainly a good choice. The Persian cat white Cat Association. Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. Retrieved from " https:
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Most people carry an image of a white Persian in their heads, but the Persian comes in numerous striking colors and patterns.

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Description of a White Persian Cat - Pets

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The muted coloring of the blue-cream and lilac-cream are as softly lovely as the tortoiseshell and chocolate tortie are flashy. Types of Persian Cats. CT and anatomical study of the relationship between head conformation and the nasolacrimal drainage system" PDF.

Types of Persian Cats

Aug 21, Check out these beautiful white cats and kittens and learn some fun facts and short-hair–can present a pure white coat, including Persians. While the white Persian has long been the darling of photographers and advertisers, Persians come in an astonishing number of colors, which are divided into. Sep 2, Solid division: White, blue, black, red, cream, chocolate or lilac. Eyes are bright copper, but solid white Persian cats can also have blue or.
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Level of health issues a breed tends to have.

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When you are at work or are busy around the house, the Persian is content to adorn a chair, sofa or bed until you are free to admire her and give her the attention she willingly receives but never demands. Goldens are either chinchilla or shaded. The blue-cream, a delightful study in pastel, is a solid blue cat patched with cream. All have brilliant copper eyes except silver varieties which also may have green or hazel. They need to live in air-conditioned comfort, protected from hot weather. Only DNA screening and then breeding negative to negative for the PKD gene will produce negative kittens which effectively removes this gene from the breeding pool has allowed some lines and catteries to eliminate the incidence of the disease. This section contains too-lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry.
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Make sure you have a good contract with the seller, shelter or rescue group that spells out responsibilities on both sides.
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While the white Persian has long been the darling of photographers and advertisers, Persians come in an astonishing number of colors, which are divided into. The Persian is a heavily boned, well-balanced cat with a sweet expression and is usually dark brown/black; white or cream band must surround eye; mascara. When you think of the classic Persian cat, a gorgeous feline with a white coat and blue eyes is normally what springs to mind.
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