Cat c9 engine problems

Another thought, injectors were replaced, did the trim files get changed at that time? We drove the coach cat c9 engine problems to another Utah dealer where the engine completely locked up, would not start and run. In September I bought a used Cat skid steer. It is my understanding that these engines can and do have emissions issues. The pipe had a hole and had taken in dirt which first caused turbo failure cat c9 engine problems the engine failure. I would then pull the injector and pressure up the cylinder with a blow gun and check where you are losing air.
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I'll try to keep this short but explain all I can. Maybe the bulb is burnt out?

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Caterpillar - C9 Engine problems - Online Community

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That fixed it for one year, then no power again.


Have a lexion r with c9 cat and heui fuel system. Engine has 27xx hrs on it, couple different times in past month have started it after setting. C: There are 2 types of C9 HEUI engines, so without a picture of your engine (left side), I don't know which style of HEUI pump, you are working. Still can't fix the problem with engine light on, and my truck still in the shop. . Revolution Motorhome with a Caterpillar C9 Diesel Engine with 34, miles.
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Thanks for sharing that with me. I have a problem with my check engine light on it. He say this motor has several problems such as the pistons, head gasket.

Re: C9 Engine problems

Jammies of Brookhaven, MS. I would appreciate any advice from others with this problem. I started having ARD head problems at 31, miles and then again about a year later. If anyone knows about it or have a lawsuit against Caterpillar engines or truck dealers for selling trucks with this type of problems, please let me know so I can join. I can guess at parts several times and still have less invested than one Caterpillar service call. Bear in mind these tests assume that the pressure sensor is operational. Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations.
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I'm on my 3rd engine in one of the units - average lifespan is k miles.
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To my knowledge, there is not a known piston ring problem on C9 engines. But that doesn't mean that your engine doesn't have one. For truck engines, Cat. Motorhome with a C9 s/n 9DG A CAT Tech came out and connected ET. performed cylinder cut out tests and determined #5. Have a lexion r with c9 cat and heui fuel system. Engine has 27xx hrs on it, couple different times in past month have started it after setting.
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