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Most say the creatures are black and about the size of a domestic dog, sometimes larger. A woman was walking her dog in black wild cats Surrey and reported seeing a "puma-like" creature, which quickly slunk away, next to the mutilated carcass of a calf. Andrew Hemmingsa lecturer at the Royal Agricultural University in Gloucester, has found tooth imprints in black wild cats carcasses of three animals. Interestingly, none of these escapees were black. News outlets occasionally publish photographs or videos, shot by members of the public, which supposedly show a big cat or another large feline. Nevertheless the "Surrey puma" soon became an established urban legend. The phantom cats spotted in the UK could be animals that have been released — or even escaped — from captivity.
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But Coard found that the spacing between the three points on the sheep bone was significantly larger than a dog or fox could produce.

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BBC - Earth - Many people are convinced that big cats roam the UK

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We now know this creature as another legendary phantom cat, the "beast of Exmoor". Recent scientific studies are also adding weight to the argument that something — or some things — may be out there.

Many people are convinced that big cats roam the UK

Since the 's it has been considered politically incorrect to call a black cat a black panther. The big black cats are black leopards or black jaguars and are not . Wild cats of Costa Rica: jaguars, ocelots, jaguarundis, margay cats and tigrillos. In general the fur of a jaguar is a warm gold tone with large black rosettes all. Servals are normally tan with black spots, but an unusually dark Though melanism is common enough among wildcats—it's reported in 13 of.
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They could also be cougars, sometimes known as pumas or mountain lions, as some sightings describe a light or "sandy" coloured creature.

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In the s, there followed many other reports of large, cat-like creatures in and around Surrey. The carnassial teeth of many carnivorous mammals can leave this type of imprint, including foxes and domestic dogs, both of which are known to attack livestock in the UK. Similarly, a spate of phantom cat sightings in the s, this time on nearby Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, caused the government to call in a pair of investigators to search for the creature — which by then had been dubbed the "beast of Bodmin". Unfortunately, if any images exist, they have never been made public. The spacing of the points suggested that some kind of cat, significantly larger than a domestic cat or wild cat, had bitten the sheep. In the summer of , following a number of unexplained sheep killings in the area, a team of Royal Marines was deployed in an attempt to track down this mysterious beast.
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View image of The UK only has one native species of cat:
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In the s and 80s, numerous sightings of a large, black cat-like cats are known to have been captured or killed while roaming wild in the. Servals are normally tan with black spots, but an unusually dark Though melanism is common enough among wildcats—it's reported in 13 of. Oct 31, Melanistic [black], white, albino and crosses [hybrids] | See more ideas about Big cats, Wild animals and Feral cats.
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