What is feminism?

Feminism has long been an angry buzz word in the media. During the late 1970’s, the fight for equal rights took up a lot of media space and the opponents of Feminism tried their best to turn it into an ugly word that reeked of insanity and discrimination.

Nothing could be further than the truth.

Feminism is a broad term that covers a wide range of movements, ideologies, ideas and beliefs. Think of the term “Christian”. One can be a Christian and be Baptist or Lutheran, or even non-denominational, but still be called Christian. It is the same for the term Feminism. In the most broad terms, it is a movement that focuses on a common goal: to define, establish and acieve equality in political, economic, social, cultural, spiritual, personal and legal rights for women everywhere.

A feminist is someone who supports or advocates the rights of women and girls. A feminist can be male or female, cis or trans, old or young. Anyone can be a feminist and can be supportive to various degrees. There is no special handshake or secret signal for feminists. We are everywhere.

Most feminists believe that women should have the right to vote, hold public office, to work, earn equal pay, own property and credit in their own name, to educate themselves, to enter contracts and own businesses, to marry and divorce, to have maternity leave and autonomy over their own persons, and have a right to not be stalked, sexually assaulted or be the victims of domestic violence. Many feminists in the United States are pro-choice, but not all are.

At the core of the feminist movement is the idea that women have a right to make their own choices concerning their person. Every woman has a right to chose for herself in all matters, even if she’s chosen to let a male have all the power and control over her, as in the case of some religious sects.

Feminism is NOT: domination of men, elevation of women above men, the expectation of rights that are not given to other genders, destruction of traditional values or the promotion of aborortion.

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