Female Beauty Standards

Our next series is going to focus on female beauty standards around the world and why those standards should never, ever be pushed on any femmefolk, anywhere.


Female Beauty standards differ from culture to culture and even vary greatly even in subcultures. Every major city has it’s own socio-economic background that has different cultural beauty associations attached. For example, what is considered beautiful and attractive in Oklahoma City, (wavy┬áblonde hair, thin, petite frame, artificial breasts, lots of makeup, sweet, submissive) isn’t going to be the same as what is beautiful in New York (athletic, straight hair in a solid color such as red or brown, natural, small breasts, light makeup, direct demeanor). In fact, even in the same city the changes in beauty standards can go to extremes.

In Oklahoma City Southside, the standards of beauty tend to be darker hair and skin, with full, heavily glossed lips and elaborate hairstyles. To the north, women wear their hair long, and often dyed blonde, with deep tans and heavy makeup. In central OKC, near the arts district, women are often covered in tattoos and have bold hairstyles in a variety of colors. To the west of OKC, women tend to be more natural, embodying a “Country Girl” style.

You will also see subsets of beauty standards based on a specific religion, culture and ethnicity. Each geographic region embodies an entire group of ideals. There is, in fact, no absolute standard of beauty. Even cleanliness and hygiene are not indicators of beauty! In fact, there are many places, including certain places in Japan, that admire women who are less than asture with their hygiene.

So, be yourself. You have the final say in what makes you feel beautiful!

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