Female Entrepreneurship


Despite the large number of grants available to females, entrepreneurship ranges just over 1.5 percent to 45.8 percent of all adult female populations in the 59 economies studied under the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor research project. Although entrepreneurial action for women is highest in emerging economies, the proportion of women and women owned businesses vary considerably among all global economies with the United States showing a very surprising middle ground.

It is notable that a surprisingly disproportiante share of female owned entreprenuerships in developing and emerging economies are micro to medium enterprises. Often they fail before the first five years. It is unknown at this time exactly what causes these businesses to fail. Understanding the barriers these companies face and finding better solutions are necessary if we are to continue building the presence of female owned businesses worldwide.

In the United States, the number of women-owned companies are going twice the rate of all other businesses. Curren trends show that 30% of US firms are majority owned by women.¬†The number of women-owned businesses in the United States is growing at twice the rate of all firms. This could be, part, due to the Women’s Business Act of 1988 but also to the fact that federal, state and local grants are being made to women to open their own businesses.

Some companies, like www.okclimo.org, are owned by a male and female partner whereas others are solely independent of men and hire a majority of female employees. There are not any stipulations, either local or federal, that require a company to hire a certain base percent of any gender or race. It is up to the company, with local demographics, to hire the most suitable person.

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