Women In Corporate America

Companies who have women on their boards generate more value to their company than companies who have no female leadership, according to the National Association of Corporate Directors. According to the 2005 Catalyst Census of Women Board of Directors, only 14.7% of all board seats in the Fortune 500 list are sat by female directors.

Even though the number of women working for Fortune 500 companies the rate of increase is very small, only one half to one full percent per year. 9 out of 10 companies will have at least one female on the board, however, one out of ten do not, which is considered exclusionary as women own half of all public stock and oversee 84% of all direct consumer spending, as well as making up nearly ½ of the workforce.

Over the next 20 years, as the baby boomer generation retires, we will start to see more women rise to the head of business organizations as views of women in business begin to change. When that happens, we can expect the percentages to be a more accurate reflection of how many women are in the workforce.

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