Feminism Across the Globe

It is generally accepted that feminism has come along in three waves. The first wave, extends from the later part of the 19th century to mid-20th century and encompasses Woman’s Suffrage, or the right to vote. This was a global concern, with movements in every English speaking country. New Zealand was the first to allow women to vote, (1893) while the Saudi Arabian government did not give the right women until much later (2011).

The second wave consists of what is commonly known as the sexual revolution, or Free Love Movement of the 1960’s. Once again this movement extended on a global scale and affected many rights including birth control, reproductive rights and equal wages for women. Unfortunately, there was also a backlash to this movement that is still affecting many women worldwide. We can see this backlash in the form of the restrictive governmental policies of Middle Eastern and some Asian Countries. These countries are, for the most part, allowing changes to be made to correct that backlash. However, some countries are not and are becoming more restrictive, such as Syria.


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