Feminism in Politics

Feminism is not something new. In fact, women’s rights, particularly in the West, have been a part of the political scene since the founding of America. Feminist campaigns are a major force behind historical and social changes for women’s rights: women’s suffrage, gender neutrality in English, reproductive rights, and the to enter into businesses, properties and own property are all attributed to the feminist movements.

Some feminists also include men in their scope of feminism, as they believe that men are also harmed in the gender stereotypes. Because this is a form of gender inequality, feminists are inclined to include this as a feminist ideal. There are many, many versions of feminism.

Because of the criticism that feminism only targeted the needs and issues of white, middle class women, a wide variety of movements involving specific ethnic and cultural needs has sprung up. Feminism is meant to include all women and femmefolk, which is why these movements are necessary. For example, the issues an impoverished, Hispanic single mother from Arizona will face vastly different issues than those of an educated, African-American woman would face on Wall Street.

Every woman will face her own battles and make her own choices. It is her right to do so, to make those choices as they are best for her. Nobody knows her life and needs like she does. It is our desire to see that all women, everywhere be free of oppression and have the right to make these choices.

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