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Welcome to our Blog! Girl’s Nation is a blog dedicated to empowering women. You’ll not find a single post about beauty or fashion here, as we believe that the true worth of a girl or woman is not in what she looks like or wears, but the quality of who she is. We proudly support women and femmefolk from all walks of life. Our goal is to be an all inclusive site for cis-girls, transwomen and femmefolk that talks about things like: how to start your own business using grants for women, feminism, products and services for women, information on domestic violence, dating and many other issues facing American women worldwide. 

We realize that there are many different cultures and norms for being female. We recognize and support them all. A woman married to a man, having 20 kids has just as much right to be that way as a woman who chooses to burn her bra and shave her head. We believe that it is the individual choices that make the female in us strong. 

We further believe that being “Feminine” is a social construct that means different things to different cultures. Depending on where in the world, (and when) being feminine could mean anything from presenting yourself as sexually desirable for the male gaze to elongating your neck dramatically or wearing a veil that covers you from head to toe. We accept all of these as valid. 





Hate speech, speech that places emphasis on the wrongness or rightness of a particular religion or viewpoint, derogatory speech or speech that can be construed as inflammatory will cause you to get banned. We have a zero policy for this in this matter.