Personal Training

So you want to get in shape.  Maybe you even want to lose a ton of weight.  Every weight loss program should start with exercise.  Obviously diet is extremely important.  You need to get enough water and at least 6 servings of fruits and vegetables. No lettuce doesn’t count. And don’t forget the sleep.  Think about hiring a personal trainer.  This does a few things.  Exercise will help you sleep better.  Of course taking off some weight is probably the single best way to sleep better believe it or not.  Exercise will help reduce stress and it’s really important for females. Most females don’t want to lift weights because they have a fear they will get bulky.  This is simply not true.  Any experienced personal trainer can put a program together for you that will help shape your body properly.  The more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn thus the more weight you will loss.

Cool Nails

If you are like most of us you love having your nails done but you hate going to the nail salon.  Those dirty little shops in strip malls with people who don’t understand what you are saying advertising $20 services then it ends up costing you $40 by the time you are done. And you leave thinking what just happened.  We recommend finding a nail tech that specializes in some of the higher end products from young Nails or Creative Nail Design.  nail techs that have been certified by one of these higher end product lines generally speck english and offer a better service.  While the cost might seem higher remember how much you got ripped off by your local strip mall happy salon.  The best thing is take a look on yelp you will find a better nail place.  You can usually tell by looking at images of their work.  Take a look at the Custom Nail Art that this salon does.  Usually if they can perform the nail art at that level they are going to use better quality products that last longer and are safer and healthier for you.  Just better overall sanitation.


The facts are indisputable you need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day to be healthy.  Brisk walking counts.  Studies prove that people who sit at a desk or on a couch watching  tv for 10 hours per day will lower their life expectancy.  Forget about body image you need exercise to be healthy.  While walking is good for your health is generally doesn’t burn very many calories.  To burn calories you need high impact anorobic exercise.  Each pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories.  But think about this the more muscle mass your body has the more calories you burn during every breathing minute.  So if you add some muscle mass you will burn more calories everyday.  What if your body burned an extra 100 calories per day because of increased muscle mass.  That would be equal to 10 pounds lost per year.  Obviously weight training is the best way to build muscle mass.  And you would have to be pretty strong to have enough muscle mass to burn that many pounds per year.  But what about if you did light yoga and some light weight lifting.  It is very possible for the average female to add enough muscle mass to be 5 pounds lighter.  Keep in mind we are talking about 5 pounds of fat.  Muscle weights more and is more compact.  So if you lost 5 pounds of weight in a year and increased your muscle mass your body fat percentage will decrease significantly.  They key to doing this is to incorporate daily exercise.  5 days of weights and yoga alternating days and 2 days of brisk walking which can include a trip to the local shopping mall.  Just stay active. You will see huge improvements if you make it a life style.  Note that this doesn’t require no pain no gain.  It requires daily exercise even if on days that you are tired you do light very less intense exercise.


Bennifits of Tanning

There are lots of things that women can do to make them feel better.  With the exception of exercise tanning is one of the easiest things that can be done to help improve mood and self image.  The key to tanning is to not burn.  Tanning doesn’t cause cancer over exposure to UV light causes cancer.  So the key to tanning is to start gradually and let your body build up it’s own immunity to the UV rays.  The B rays are longer and help push the pigment in your skin to the outer later.  These pigments do two things they help you get a darker color  but most importantly they protect your skin from getting damaged which can cause cancer or wrinkling.  The fact is 10 minutes of sun light is enough for one day to get all the health benefits including enough Vitamin D.  Studies have shown limited exposure to UV light does improve mood.  Also darker skin tones makes the body look thinner.